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We provide the cheapest Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles education However, no schools currently offer degrees or certificates in these fields. We have a plan to fix this! Our programs allow people from all over the world to easily grasp important skills and make their living




Deep Learning

This is for the engineers who are starting from scratch or want to improve and learn skills in the field of deep learning.

Natural Language Processing

In this course, we will go from the basics of deep learning to advances in natural language processing with a research paper in hand.

Computer Vision


This course is for everyone who wants to learn or advance their skills in the field of computer vision. We will learn about the operations of computer vision. Object detection, classification or tracking, or segmentation algorithms with research papers will be covered.

Maths for Machine Learning


If you are afraid of the mathematics behind machine learning algorithms don't worry we will clear everything in easy steps. Now no, need to worry about the math at all. We will cover everything in easy ways.



In this course, we will go through the whole pipeline of data science project. Today this is the most demanding tool for almost all data science projects. So it's necessary to learn and apply it in your learning.

Big Data


This will teach you the basics and advances of Big Data. We will cover everything from Kapka, Hive, etc. Even a beginner with experience person can understand in easy ways.

Complete Data Science


We will cover machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing in depth. Every mathematical concept will be covered in easy ways.

Data Analytics


This is for those who want to start or enhance their career in data analytics. We will teach you PowerBi, Tableau, and the most demanding tools in the market.

Reinforcement Learning


We will study the evolution of reinforcement learning or the different methods in RL, and what were the drawbacks of implementing such technology.

Machine Learning


This course will teach the basics to advance in the field of Machine Learning. We will discuss every algorithm thoroughly and every piece of note or code will be shared after every class.

Our Self-Driving cars Stack

Intro to Self-Driving Cars


We will study the levels or basics of self-driving vehicles and the technology behind them. We will explore the State of the art Algorithms for building vision-based cars.

Self-Driving Cars with Computer Vision


We will apply computer vision techniques to build our vision base driverless car and we will test it in the Carla simulator.

Sensor Fusion in Self-Driving Cars


We will explore everything that goes on in fusing data in self-driving cars. Probably it will be the most challenging part of your journey.

Our product line-up

Join Mit

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This is one of the unique products at Lasso Pacific where we take kids from all over the globe to train and educate them till high school. So they could get admitted to MIT.

Data Science Consultancy


Anyone in this world who need some sort of help in terms to learn a new technology Lasso Pacific is here to help avail the offer early.